Cast of Characters

My Girl portrait

My Girl: What needs to be said? A lot actually. So read the blog.

The Husband Portrait

The Husband: My partner in crime, my other half (possible the better half), My Girl’s daddy and favorite wrestling mate.

Leslie Ann: Bestie, confidant, co-conspirator of The Mom Fail, fellow self-proclaimed World’s Okayest Mother, named after Leslie and Ann from Parks and Recreation, because she is both the impossibly upbeat Leslie and the beautiful and sensible Ann.

My Mom portrait

My Mom: In my opinion, World’s Best Mom, My Girl’s grandma and biggest cheerleader

Monica Portrait

Monica: Bestie, neighbor, fearless mother of Jane and Little LuLu, named after Monica from Friends due to our somewhat unhealthy love for the TV show Friends and our indecision between which of us is Monica and which is Rachel.

Jane Portrait

Jane: My Girl’s bestie, neighbor, and oddly twinsy of My Girl in so many way, named after Jane Goodall for her love of all animals wild and tame

LuLu Portrait

Little LuLu: Little sister to Jane, neighbor, sometimes terror from The Shining, but always the most adorable god daughter possible

Chandler Portrait

Chandler: The Husband’s best bud, neighbor, husband to Monica (thus the name Chandler, as well his fondness for sarcasm), father to Jane and Little LuLu

Meg Portrait

Meg: Oldest of The Sister’s; closest as a namesake as I will get; leader of a wild and rambunctious pack; helpful, kind and motherly (thus named after Meg from Little Women)

Edith Portrait

Edith: Child 2/4 of The Sister’s; think Edith from Despicable Me, similar is ‘tude, style and interests

Boo photo

Boo: The Sister’s youngest; Boo from Monsters Inc for her adorable brown eyes but disturbing way to command the monsters (i.e. older siblings) around her

B. Swift: The bestie who has an uncanny resemblance to T. Swift; and like Taylor is a super star, B. Swift is a super mom

Cindy Lou: B. Swift’s oldest and lonely girl; Cindy Lou as in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with her long blonde hair that is more creative than a Who’s in Whoville

Mrs Irwin Portrait

Mrs. Irwin: My Girl’s 2nd grade teacher; Irwin as in Steve Irwin because she has to wrangle and tame the wild animal that is My Girl